The Trust

The Trust is registered as a charity: Reg. No. 255004
Trustees: David Wordsworth (Director), Simon Wright, Jennifer Brady.
Finance Consultant: Christopher Wright
Publicist: Karen Fletcher, Archery Music Promotions

The John Ireland Trust was formed in 1968 by Norah Kirby, Ireland’s companion, secretary and house-keeper,
to promote awareness of Ireland’s works and support performances, publication and recordings of the composer’s music.

Activities of the Trust include:

  • Funding of annual performance competitions at nine major music colleges in the UK. These competitions have recently been extended to two universities in the USA.
  • Supporting selected recordings of Ireland’s music and occasionally those of his lesser-known pupils.
  • Support is given, where possible, to recitals and festivals featuring Ireland’s work.
  • The Trust has commissioned arrangements and editions of Ireland’s music by Geoffrey Bush and the late Christopher Palmer.
  • A catalogue of John Ireland works, compiled by Dr. Stewart Craggs, was published by OUP in 1993 (available from the Trust).
  • The Trust maintains a large archive of copy manuscripts, printed music, recordings and memorabilia.
  • All of Ireland’s known manuscripts, previously held by the Trust, are available at the British Library and can be consulted there by appointment.

During his lifetime Ireland worked with many publishers and this is reflected in the distribution of his works today.

  • Early recordings, including interviews with Ireland and the composer as performer, are available at the National Sound Archive, again by appointment.
  • Following an approach by the Trust to English Heritage, a ‘Blue Plaque’ is now displayed, in recognition of the composer, at 14 Gunter Grove; Ireland’s London home for many years.

Printed music is available from:

Banks Music Publications
Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd
Bosworth & Co. Ltd.
G.& M. Brand Publications distributed by R. Smith & Co. Ltd.
Cramer Music
Da Capo Music
Doric Music Co.
Elkin (William) Music Services
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
MSM & LGB Music Publishers
Music Sales Ltd. incorporating
Edwin Ashdown Ltd.
Campbell Connelly & Co. Ltd.
Chester Music
J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.
Novello & Co. Ltd.
Oxford University Press Music Dept.
Schott & Co. Ltd.
Stainer & Bell Ltd. incorporating Augener
Thames Publishing

A number of copyrights are also held by The John Ireland Charitable Trust.

For further information please write to:

David Wordsworth, Director, The John Ireland Trust

In common with many specialist classical music charities our revenue continues to fall from copyright royalties. We will, therefore, have to become increasingly reliant upon donations from outside sources to maintain our programme of educational activities. If you would like to make a contribution, please contact the Trust’s Director, David Wordsworth.